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The purpose for providing Study Skills Tutoring is to resolve academic issues of middle school, high school, college, and adult students for increased educational success in a pleasant and informative environment.  The following pages will help you learn more about Tutor Station Institute, Dr. Smith, and Study Skills Tutoring. Questions to consider:

       1. Is Study Skills Tutoring the program for me or my child? Learn more here.

       2. Tutor Station Institute takes pride in offering a student-centered tutoring program.

           What does that mean? Learn more here.

       3.  "Who is Dr. Smith?"

            "Will I like him?"

            "Will he resolve my study skills issues?”

These are questions to consider when selecting a tutor. The information provided should answer your questions; however, you are always welcome to phone or email us on the Contact Us page and we will happily answer your questions. Our goal is to serve you in the best way possible. Go to Blog.


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The Tutor Station Institute takes great pride in offering exceptional study skills tutoring for children in middle school and high school, as well as college students and adults aiming to advance their education. This online tutoring program is aimed at providing a student-centered approach to finding scholastic success.

 Whether you or your child needs help with remedial reading or improvement with exam preparation, our emphasis on developing improved study habits and organizational proficiency will help the student acquire the self-confidence and discipline it takes to excel in today’s academically challenging atmosphere. With our program, students can more adequately prepare for exams, complete homework, and excel in the classroom environment.

We will soon be adding services for assisting ESL students as well.

 The Tutor Station Institute’s affordable study skills tutoring program will work for nearly every student and will help them identify areas of strength and weaknesses. The end result is better grades, more comprehensive learning, and happier students! Let us help build the foundation for better learning and brighter futures.